Argo Review

Yes I will continue the Saw reviews don’t worry, but this is more important since it is the Best Picture of last year. So let’s get right to it.

Argo is a movie that will have you on the edge of your seat whether or not you know the true story it is trying to tell. It tell a great thriller story that makes it seem less than 2 hours long. All that said it lacks in all of the other departments. 

If you don’t know the story I’ll give you the jist of it. It’s about a black ops CIA mission that happened in 1980s Iran where the Iranies captured the Americans at the American Embassy and held them hostage. Until 6 of them escaped and it is up to the CIA to get them out of Iran. The way they do that is to impersonate a fake film crew. 

The story in this movie is the best part and I think it tells it very well, considering this movie gives you no bullshit filler parts. Every scene it gives you moves you on to the next thing which is both good and bad. The film does seem a lot shorter than 2 hours which is a personal preference to some, but it felt too short and left me wanting a bit more of a few things. 

The story aside the film fails in character development. You really don’t care for any characters in the film. The only reason you care is because they are American. Ben Affleck’s character is boring and uninteresting and he does an okay job nothing really spectacular. 

I have yet to see the other best picture films, but I really don’t see how this one. I mean I do its political, its Ben Affleck, it has everything the academy wants. Now this is not a bad film at all. Its really good. But its missing something. It felt more like I was watching the History channel than a movie. It gave us, how they set up the plan and how they executed it. Now yes I know this isn’t all historically accurate but you get my picture. Now thats not a bad thing, but it was missing something that could make this movie stand out on its own and to that I think it fails at doing. 

Rate: 4 out of 5

Saw Franchise Review

After spending 3 days watching all the Saw movies, I have decided to do a whole review on the series since it is one of my favorite film series of all time. I will try to stay spoiler free but no promises. Lets get started!

I first just want to state that I do not really consider these horror films. Sure there is blood and gore, and maybe one jump scare, but these movies are more psychological more than anything. Its all about putting yourself into these peoples shoes and playing the game. I consider these thrillers more than a horror movie.

1. Saw

The first film in the series is the one that is the most different from the rest. For one thing this movie could be a stand alone film and not have any sequels at all. The premises is two guys trapped in a room only with the rules of the game in order to survive and get out. You learn about the back story of both characters of how they got there and the whole scenario with the Jigsaw Killer who uses traps and games on his victims to make sure they learn their lesson.(though i dont think this is explained in the first film). Anyway the acting is decent and what not, but what really sets this movie apart from any other movie, is the tension! Every time they go back to the room with the two guys you do not know what is going to happen next. Also the ending of this movie is one that know one sees coming and I found it extremely clever and never seen anything like that before. This one is the least horror of the franchise and acts more like a crime thriller. Its fantastic definitely a watch for everyone even if you don’t stick with the series. 

Melancholia Review

There are many end of the world movies, but none are quite like this one. Most of them are the downfall of humanity and in the end people still survive somehow and its not technically an end of the world movie. 

Melancholia focuses on one family and not the entire world population. The main family consist of Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Kiefer Suthernland. The film is split up into two parts. The first part consist of before people know the world might end, and the second being they know that the world will end. The first part starts off as a couples wedding day(Kirsten Dunst and Alexander Skarsgard), in which they seem like the perfect couple but only a few minutes into the film we can tell that something is not right between the two, or at least something isn’t right with Dunst character. Thats as much as I’m gonna say about the first half because I don’t want to spoil anything that happens. 

The second half focuses on Dunst sister played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. So at this point the characters know that there is a planet called “Melancholia” that is supposed to “fly by” Earth. At this point Dunst character moves in with her sister because she is suffering from serious depression, she can’t eat or even take a bath. 

Her performance in this is very good and proves that she can act in something pretty serious or at least a more important role than as Mary Jane in Spiderman. All of the other performances are pretty good both with Gainsbourg and Sutherland. 

The rest of the movie goes on….and on…..and on….okay its not that bad but this film does drag on, mostly during the second half of the film. Where you see Dunst character not caring about the world ending, to Gainsbourg who is terrified of the world ending. 

Speaking of going on, and on, segway!, the opening the the film is 10mins of classical music and still images. You will get bored pretty fast, but if you can manage getting past that this film is not bad.

As I mentioned before the acting is very good, but the imagery of the feeling that there is another planet in the sky is incredible. The film looks really well and it works giving you the suspense of the when this planet will hit, yes the planet destroys the world that is not a spoiler it happens with in the first 10mins.

If you can stand the feeling of the movie dragging(the runtime is 2 hours and 15mins), go see it for the imagery and the acting. The story is ehh but like I said the suspense of when its gonna crash kept me watching.

3 out of 5 stars 

The Hunger Games Review

The Hunger Games is one of my favorite novel that has came out in the past 5 years. As I am writing this review now I am on Part 2 of Catching Fire so I can’t say that its my favorite trilogy in the past 5 years. The actual story is compelling, yet not original but it’s still satisfying either way. So lets get started!

After I saw the trailer which I think was an excellent trailer because of the fact that it didn’t show any of the games, just the build up to them. By watching the trailer I felt as though they were going to follow the book very closely, considering that Suzanne Collins helped write the screenplay for the movie. So I was really excited that we are actually gonna see this world come to life and get to see the story unfold  and see how another person would put together this world from what they thought it would look like. 

Gary Ross who directed the film did succeed in making the world and the characters come to life. From the rundown and poor life style of District 12 to the crazy, colorful, and futuristic style of the Capitol, he nailed it spot on. Its not only the places that came to life, but also the characters.

The acting in this movie is extremely good. Jennifer Lawrence is the only person I can see in this role. She had already proven herself in Winters Bone, and once again she proves herself here. She makes Katniss come to life and plays her flawlessly. Josh Hutcherson I think did a fine job, even though I’m not a big fan of him at all. Woody Harlenson and Elizabeth Banks both did a really good job themselves in their roles. Donald Sutherland is up there with Lawrence in his role. He makes you hate President Snow as soon as he shows up on screen, fantastic job. Stanley Tucci also is amusing and does a good job.

In the movie I like how they give you a feeling that they keep reminding you that you are watching a gameshow. By using the announcers tell the audience certain things that Katniss tells you in the book, the announcers do in the movie. I thought that was a great and creative idea. I also like how they show to people that haven’t read the books, the gamemakers control room. Once again a creative way to help move the plot points. 

Now yes this movie does a good job adapting the source material, but it doesn’t do a good job in exacuting them. By that I mean the biggest flaw of the film was character development. 

The character development I feel is unacceptable in every way. Now the movie is 2 hours and 20 mins its already pretty long. In that time span they decide to cram every detail of the story, or I should say “big set pieces” of the book in there. Which is fine but not fine if a character dies who we should care about, but completely don’t due to the fact that both those characters had 5mins of screen time together, and what feels like an hour time of day for the characters in the film but is really a few days in the book. 

Personally I felt the movie seemed short due to the cramming of all the key points of the book in there, so I think the movie would have benefited with 10 more mins of character develop in there. Some might argue that the film would have been way too long and boring, but if it helps me connect with the characters I’m all for it.

The Hunger Games does a fine job adapting the novel and making the universe come to life, I just wished I actually felt more emotion towards the characters and actually cared what happened to them.

This one is really hard for me because I like the story of the book so much that I felt cheated on the saddest part of the book, next to the ending which they left out and I was disappointed.

4 out of 5 stars

An American Werewolf in London Review

An American Werewolf in London is  a fun with with some good scares.

the movie starts off with two American boys who are on a trip in Europe. While walking around the English countryside a werewolf kills on of them and bites the other one. The boy who was bitten is sent in the hospital where he sees the ghost of his dead friend warning him that he is a werewolf, and he falls in love with his nurse. After he leaves the hospital he stays in the nurses house. An the fun begins.

The movie does start off pretty slow, but it builds with anticipation.

It has one of the best transformation scenes of a werewolf I have ever seen and won an Academy Award for best make up.

The last twenty minutes are probably the best of the whole movie where the werewolf unleashes havoc across London for a short period of time.

If you get a chance definitely check is movie out!

And it has one of the best endings to any movie

4 out of 5 stars

Interview with the Vampire Review

Okay so I’m a big Brad Pitt fan, so I had to watch “Interview with the Vampire” lets see how it fairs.

Interview with the Vampire is well, its not terrible, and its not good either, its okay!

So the movie is about a reporter Daniel Molloy(Christian Slater) as he interviews a vampire named Louis de Pointe du Lac(Brad Pitt). Daniel interviews Louis about his life as a vampire. The film is about the adventure that Louis had as a vampire and how he got to where he is today. That’s the really brief version because this movie is long and too complicated to named every single thing that went on and how Louis regrets of becoming a vampire.

The acting in this movie is very good with a cast of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, a 10 year old Kirsten Dunst, and Antonio Banderas you can’t really go wrong.

There is really nothing about this film that really stood out that made it different from other vampire movies, except that they change the rules of vampires a little that I enjoyed. The only thing that can really kill these vampires is the sunlight, in other words, crosses do nothing, garlic does nothing, and a stake through the heart doesn’t kill them either.

That’s really it, it has very view jump scares that only one got me because it was the only one that wasn’t predictable. Check it out if you want to see Brad Pitt’s big break role. 

3 out of 5 stars.

Misery Review

To start off with my October reviews of horror films we shall start with one of the best thrillers ever made…Misery.

Misery stars James Caan, Kathy Bates, and Richard Farnsworth.

The movie in short term is about an author named Paul Sheldon(James Caan), who one day after writing a book and is on his way home crashes his car in a snow storm. With his luck he is saved by a woman of the name Annie Wilkes(Kathy Bates), who is a nurse and takes care of his broken legs and himself. It also turns out that Annie is Paul’s number one fan, who is fond of Paul Sheldon’s “Misery” series. Annie tells Paul that the phone lines and the roads are closed, so essintially he has no contact from the outside world. After Annie gets the next installment of the “Misery” series and reads it she is disappointed that the main character is killed off and is longer a character that Paul will be writing about. She then snaps and makes Paul write another book in the series to save Misery from dying. 

While this is all happening the local Sheriff(Richard Farnsworth) is looking for Paul Sheldon after he finds out that he has gone missing.

The whole movie is about Annie holding Paul prisoner because she wants him for herself. 

The acting in this film is stellar, everyone is on top of their game. James Caan has his very sly good feeling remarks to everything that Annie says. Kathy Bates is over the top as she gives her haunting performance of a psychopath bitch. 

The film takes place inside of Annie’s home the whole time so you feel just as trapped as Paul Sheldon does.

In other words check this thriller out it will give you chills and make your feet sweat!

5 out of 5 stars!!

Its October, and you know what that means!…

That’s right everyone its October time to watch some horror films! I will be trying to watch a horror film every night in October, pending if my school work doesn’t get in the way, and if I miss a night I’ll try to make it up on a weekend and watch two films or something. So lets start if off with a bang first movie…Misery 

Sorry Guys

I’m sorry for not posting anything in a month. I haven’t really been watching a ton of movies worth talking about except for maybe two of them… I’m not too busy with college work, its more about my laziness to write stuff, but I’ll be posting one maybe twice a week I hope when I have the chance! Thanks guys and sorry for not keeping steady with this!

Oscar Nominees

So finally saw all of the oscar nominees and here is the list to which were my favorite.

10. 127 hours

This was probably my least favorite film. It’s okay. James Franco is fine nothing to complain about. The film is just boring its set in one place the whole time, not very exciting. And the arm chopping off scene wasnt as intense as everyone makes it out to be.

9. True Grit

This film is very good without a doubt! But its was very cliche and nothing really surprising but a well done remake.

8. The Social Network

While its a good film, its a little boring. Its a rollercoaster of excitement up and downs. And of course Jesse Eisenburgs character is an unlikable douchebag.

7. Winter’s Bone

This film is underrated. The acting in this is stellar and I really liked the story to go with it.

6. The Kids are All Right

I really like this movie. The screenplay is original and the performances are stellar. Where it falls short is in the ending. We are left with an unsolved conflict.

5. The Fighter

I enjoy this movie alot. The acting is extremely done well with the supporting characters and it’s entertaining to what the struggle with a family. It’s also short!

4. The King’s Speech

I have no problem with this winning at all. It’s a period piece with a disability and an original screenplay. very enjoyable too.

3. Toy Story 3

Everyone knows that this movie should have won best picture, but it didn’t. Not much to say expect….It’s TOY STORY!!!!

2. Inception

This is one of my favorite films, and Nolan doesn’t disappoint here. It’s crazy and extremely good with a twist like ending. 

1. Black Swan

Yeah this movie besides Toy Story 3 should have one. Read my review for more. Only one word describes it…….AMAZING!!!